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Christchurch Earthquake Update – 28 February 2011
Education New Zealand: 28/02/11
It has been almost a week since the serious aftershock which affected Christchurch and we would like to update you on the situation. We would like to repeat that no areas of New Zealand other than Christchurch were directly affected by this earthquake, and there is no need for concern regarding students who are not located in Christchurch.
Where to get information
Education New Zealand has added a page to our industry website with useful links and information. You can check this page to see where you need to check for various types of information relating to students, institutions etc. The page is located here: http://www.educationnz.org.nz/christchurch-earthquake
If you have been contacted by international students in Christchurch, please ensure that they have checked in with the New Zealand Police or Red Cross so that they can be eliminated from lists of missing persons. The phone numbers are Red Cross 0800 REDCROSS (0800 733 276) from inside NZ or +64 7 850 2199 from overseas. These are also the numbers to call to report a student missing.
Here are the key organisations to contact regarding the welfare of your students:
If possible, please contact the institution where they are enrolled in the first instance. If this is not possible (because the institution is closed), then use the following contacts.
For students who need new accommodation or to be transferred to a new institution: contact the Ministry of Education Code of Practice office at +64 21 932 765.
For non-University tertiary students who wish to change institution: contact NZQA at 0800 697 296 (from within NZ, available 8am-5pm New Zealand time, Monday-Friday).
For students or families of students who need assistance with visas: contact Immigration New Zealand at 0508 558 885 if you are in New Zealand or your local branch of Immigration New Zealand if you are overseas. Immigration is working to ensure that those who wish to come to NZ because members of their families are missing or deceased will have their visas put through as quickly as possible, without fees, and with a minimum of paperwork required.
For information on fees refunds for students who cannot continue their studies at an institution:
contact NZQA at 0800 697 296 (from within NZ, available 8am-5pm New Zealand time, Monday-Friday).
The situation in Christchurch at this time
The city centre (CBD) has been badly affected and is closed to the public while search and rescue teams and other emergency services are working to recover victims and assess the safety of buildings. All businesses and institutions within this area are off limits at this time, but many have relocated to temporary premises in other parts of the city.
The total number of confirmed deaths is currently 148, with approximately 50 additional people missing. 70 people have been rescued alive from buildings. Support centres are in operation in several locations to help those who are unable to live in their homes. Hospitals are open and coping well.
Unfortunately, among the most damaged buildings was the one which housed King’s Education, an English language school. While a few students and teachers were rescued from the building on the day of the earthquake, many others were trapped inside and have not been reached by rescuers. While the number of people estimated to be inside this building has varied, there are fears that between 50 and 100 international students may have been lost at this location.
This terrible tragedy has affected all of us who support international students. The combination of this single building collapse and the toppling of the Christchurch Cathedral spire means that the victims of the earthquake have come from up to 20 different countries, making this a truly international disaster. These two locations plus one other office building have been the sources of the majority of fatalities.
It is a testament to the strong building codes in New Zealand that so many other buildings were safely evacuated and remain standing although many are badly damaged. Certainly, without this the death toll would have been much higher.
Power has been restored to over 80 per cent of Christchurch, and they hope to bring this up to 95 per cent by the end of this week. In some areas, such as the CBD, power remains turned off for the safety of the emergency services personnel working in damaged buildings.
Around 65 per cent of Christchurch now has running water, however the City Council are recommending that people boil this water before drinking or cooking with it. In areas without water, bottled water or water tankers are supplying the local population with drinking water. Restoring water and sewage services is a top priority for the city.
Some schools have reopened today, and several others are opening over the course of this week. These were schools with little or no damage from the earthquake. The list of schools reopening is on the Ministry of Education website, and is linked on our website.
Lincoln University will re-open for Semester One on Monday 14 March 2011. The next English Language module will start on 21 March.
The University of Canterbury’s physical campus is closed and teaching and research activities have been suspended until further notice. At least 48 hours notice will be given before the campus is re-opened for teaching and research. This includes the College of Education and the Christchurch College of English Language.
CPIT is closed until further notice.
For other providers, please try to get in contact directly or visit their websites for updates. If you cannot contact or find any information about a Christchurch provider, please contact NZQA at the number supplied earlier in this update.
Many providers around New Zealand have offered places to displaced students from Christchurch so that they can continue their studies with as little disruption as possible. New Zealanders are very keen to look after the international students who have been affected, as we are aware of the added stress of dealing with an emergency situation in an unfamiliar place.
We will continue to add the latest updates to our website, and to send updates like this to you as the situation continues to develop.



NZESC 代表 伊藤博秀





1930hrs(現地時間)  27th February 2011

Message from the Vice-Chancellor

As we come to the end of the first weekend following the 22nd February Earthquake/Aftershock, it is timely to reflect on the past five days and let you know what’s happening in the coming week.

All of us in Christchurch have experienced a major shock, both physically and emotionally. We cannot at this stage overestimate the impact on our students and staff and need to be mindful that the effects on individuals vary according to their experience. People have suffered the loss of family and friends. Others are experiencing the devastation of their homes and physical hardships of no power, water or sewerage. Our thoughts are with all of our community at this time.

This situation calls for balance and the exercise of careful judgement. We need to collect the right information and apply it to our decision making in a way that makes sense and is timely. It’s important to bear in mind the over-arching requirements of health and safety. We need to consider the need for the University to support and work in collaboration with the wider community. We also need to move as quickly as possible to provide a sense of certainty to our students and staff as to next steps and the planned and progressive re-start of the University. UC is committed to delivering a quality full-year academic programme of teaching in 2011, even if there are adjustments to timetables, programmes and learning delivery options

During the weekend we have been working on our three key requirements:

1. Buildings. We will ensure that before opening access to University buildings, initial checks have been completed and we are working through to full compliance sign off as quickly as possible. Nevertheless it may be weeks before some buildings can be re-occupied.

2. Teaching and research programmes. We are working on how to re-structure our teaching and research programmes and will provide some further information this week.

3. Student and Staff Support. Arrangements, including an online registration form, are in place for students and staff to have high priority personal items retrieved. NZi3 is the front door to the campus and the place for information, registration and pick up on campus. Further investigation is underway regarding counselling options. Information on these will be provided early this week. The “Big Top” facility is now open for students on the UCSA carpark from 9am to 5pm daily.

Key dates announced so far

1. 28th February From 9am all Study Abroad students are asked to contact Student Services regarding options

EITHER Email: liaison@canterbury.ac.nz OR Visit NZi3 Creyke Rd from between 9am and 5pm, Monday – Friday and seek a Liaison Team member.

2. 28th February, 6pm We expect to communicate some options for international full fee paying students.

3. 2nd March, 6pm. We expect to be able to communicate options for Bridging students, English language students, domestic undergraduate and postgraduate students (both international and domestic) across all colleges, including the College of Education.

4. By 6th March, 6pm. We expect to provide some information on fees.

The Senior Management Team and I are firmly committed to doing the best we can to progress the necessary decisions, while balancing the needs of our students, staff and the city. We are determined to deliver a quality programme of teaching and research in 2011. This week we will share with the broader UC community in more detail how we propose to move to a progressive re-start of the university, and seek input as to how these plans can best be operationalised.

What is clear is that the progressive re-start of delivery of UC programmes which we are envisaging will be more complicated than simply announcing that the entire campus is open or closed. However, to delay the start of some programmes in order to have all commence on the same date would not be in the best interests of students or staff.

In the meantime, my thoughts are with all of you. Please check in to www.canterbury.ac.nz for further information and updates.

Rod Carr




先ほど、あらたにMiddelto Grage Schoolより今後の予定の一部が連絡されてきました。

−プログラム:3月1日 9時30分〜12時30分 オリエンテーション(地震情報の報告等)
       3月2日 9時30分〜12時   英語授業(学年別)
           午後1時〜3時30分  英語授業
       3月3日 終日、ハンマースプリングスに小旅行
       3月4日 9時30分〜12時   英語授業
           午後1時〜3時30分  英語授業


奥の古い建物は、Middleton Grange Schoolの初代建物。右の建物は最近完成した演劇・ダンス・音楽用校舎

Dear Parents, Care-givers and AgentsFurther to my email this morning, I am pleased to provide some detailsregarding the English Tutorial Programme this week. We are keen to resumeworking with our students and therefore,
I would ask that you note carefullythe following:
1. The programme is at no additional cost for students.
2. Due to limited staffing, we can offer this programme for Year 10-13students
this week and it will not be a full-time programme. (see detailsbelow)
3. The programme is completely optional but students are strongly encouraged to
participate if they are in a position to do so. We will not be covering the
English they do in the normal school programme. Students will be grouped
according to English competency.
4. Students must bring their own drinking water and food for snacks.
5. Tidy mufti may be worn 6. The programme outline is (this could be changed
after numbers are knownon Tuesday):
Tuesday 1 March: 9.30 am-12.30 pm: Registration, Earthquake debrief,
English activity (all Year 10-13 pupils)
Wednesday 2 March: 9.30-12.00: English class (Year group to be advised)
1.00- 3.30: English class (Year group to beadvised)
Thursday 3 March: Day trip to Hanmer Springs (Group activities, pools,lunch
etc) (all year 10-13 pupils)
Friday 4 March: 9.30-12.00: English class (Year group to be advised)
1.00- 3.30: English class (Year group to beadvised)
If the student in your care is intending to come to this programme, please email
by return. You can also phone 341 4054 on Monday 28 Feb to register. I have also
attached some photos of our school taken last week after theearthquake. We are
very thankful that there was no damage and that we canresume classes as soon as
we are allowed to. Please also note that MiddletonGrange International College
has advised The Ministry of Education and StudyChristchurch that we are prepared
to assist other schools that cannot openshortly by offering temporary places for
International students who need torelocate schools for a period of time.
Thank you once again for your support and care On behalf of the Middleton Grange
International team...
Greg Scott
Middleton Grange International College







先ほど、当社の生徒が多く通うMiddleton Grange Schoolよりメールが入りました。

Dear Parents and Care-Givers
Greetings from Middleton Grange. Once again, the school and city community is coming together in wonderful ways to ensure that we look after those in need around us. The people of Christchurch show an amazing determination to continue their lives here and this is inspiring.
Here are some important things to note and some good news:
1.We have checked carefully the wellbeing of all International students and I am pleased to note that they continue to be in safe homes and well cared for. Thank you to those of you who are guardians for your love and support for them.

2.The school has been inspected by engineers and has no structural problems and no damage.

3.The Ministry of Education have indicated that schools will remain closed tomorrow (Monday) and this is likely to be for the rest of this week. While our school is OK, the government must consider the needs of schools across the city, including transport and other services.

4.International College English Tutorial Programme – from Tuesday 1 March
The International College is pleased to offer an optional English programme for our students until our school opens for regular classes. This will commence on Tuesday 1 March and the location will be the International College House (adjacent to the school at 68 Suva Street). This property owned by the Christian Schools Trust has been fully checked by an engineer and has power, water and sewerage. A timetable for this programme will be distributed by email later today but we are also planning for a day trip to Hanmer Springs (1.5 hours north of Christchurch). There will be NO additional cost for this programme.

Finally, if you would like to speak to someone regarding our students, do not hesitate to contact us.
Greg Scott – 021 2422868, David Gillon – 021 0333688, or Colleen Steyn – 021 258656
Greg Scott






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